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Rated : 4.68/5 (348 Votes)

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Game Name : Road of the Dead

Game Desc :

Escape the quarantined city by driving through a highway filled with ravenous undead, carnage and chaos while the military tries to stop you! Controls: WASD Handbrake: Space Horn: E Wiper: R Punch/Pistol: F Quality Toggle: Q Perception Toggle: P

Play Count : 23,723

Category : Racing Games

Related Tags: racing, zombie, shooting, action

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  • anupamamahanama (19 January 2016 14:40) Report

  • bubbakush360 (15 November 2013 18:52) Report

    this game is so fun

  • Lighting140 (12 December 2012 02:27) Report

    No it dosent

  • kylelloydbrown (3 August 2012 18:52) Report

    Love the game but takes 4 ever to load<????

  • kylelloydbrown (2 August 2012 18:38) Report

    takes 4 ever to load????

  • Guest (20 September 2011 15:30) Report

    I like the quality i like that you are aloud to use most of the features of a car would have and i really like the part where you have a fire arm or you can punch

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