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RainbowRhyme is the champion of Nerdy Nom Nom
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Rated : 4.36/5 (599 Votes)

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Game Name : Nerdy Nom Nom

Game Desc :

All around the world, Fat Nerds are embarking on the ultimate question: to reach burger heaven in the magical world of Nom Nom land. Shoot them out of a cannon and collect all the burgers to win a level.

Play Count : 69,265

Category : Action Games

Related Tags: humour, ragdoll, ragdoll cannon, angry birds, box2d, physics, crush the castle, cartoon, funny, joke, ragdoll

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  • gamerjoe25 (19 February 2014 07:00) Report

    slow loading game

  • ibra.k (16 July 2013 16:17) Report

    But still slowww :c

  • ibra.k (16 July 2013 16:13) Report


  • lanneret (30 May 2013 18:11) Report

    this game is kinda weird

  • son (4 May 2013 00:02) Report

    this is a silly game

  • mall101 (21 January 2013 19:06) Report


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