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Rated : 4.73/5 (104 Votes)

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Game Name : Villainous - Tower Attack

Game Desc :

Villainous introduces a new take on Tower Defense. This is a Tower Conquest. Be the villian instead of the hero, siege instead of defend, and take over the world, one kingdom at a time. Rather than building towers and defending against hordes of monsters, you are given the reins of an evil mage that builds his army from the ground up to dominate the lands. You must unlock new units, learn new spells, and think up unique summoning strategies to overcome the defenses of your foes.

Play Count : 12,989

Category : Action Games

Related Tags: Tower Defense, Tower Attack, RPG, army, war, fantasy, en

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  • killerm11an (9 October 2013 20:34) Report

    pretty good game but i top that everyone play arcane wepon

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