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RainbowRhyme is the champion of Dino Duet
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Rated : 4.48/5 (263 Votes)

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Game Name : Dino Duet

Game Desc :

Guide Goro and Riko find the dino eggs and diamonds inside the Lost Dino Island. Turn into a great Dino Duet Partner :)

Play Count : 20,075

Category : Adventure Games

Related Tags: Dino, duet, island, egg, diamond, lost island, goro, riko, en

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  • Christian Rommel Almazar (29 March 2014 05:25) Report

    i love this game

  • morgan8979 (2 July 2013 23:31) Report

    i love this game

  • mi8770712 (15 April 2013 21:18) Report

    huh? yes I now :

  • DoraDora (28 December 2011 11:56) Report

    I love this game but the keyboard is playing the game insted

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