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Absol is the champion of City Siege 2: Resort Siege
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Rated : 4.52/5 (307 Votes)

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Game Name : City Siege 2: Resort Siege

Game Desc :

Those baddies are back, but this time they are taking over the beach! This is no time to relax - get in there and sort them out! New baddies, new units, more destruction. Look out for the all new spy unit, veterans and troop transport. The baddies have also had an upgrade, they now have their own tanks and choppers for you to deal with.

Play Count : 19,742

Category : Action Games

Related Tags: city siege, podge, war, battle, fight, gun, tank, chopper, helicopter, aa gun, veteran, spy, artillery

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  • zomboexterminator (14 March 2014 18:47) Report

    absol to whom you are applaudin?

  • Absol (24 January 2014 00:12) Report

    bravo, people who made this!

  • Absol (23 January 2014 08:02) Report

    amazing game... makes up more for the loading... it takes 10 seconds... shut the f*ck up people about the loading...

  • namirjay (13 December 2013 21:24) Report


  • goten123456789 (7 November 2013 02:39) Report

    load too much

  • BOWSERMANU (13 October 2013 18:01) Report

    good game but it takes forever to load!!!!!!!!!!

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