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stratman is the champion of Bajoovels - TAOFEWA Gem-Swapping
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Rated : 4.24/5 (33 Votes)

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Game Name : Bajoovels - TAOFEWA Gem-Swapping

Game Desc :

Play a unique gem-swapping game with elemental spells and unique gems from the TAOFEWA manga universe. Call upon mysterious hurricanes, fiery weaves or even mystical sharks that will help you transform unwated gems and form even better combinations.

Play Count : 6,115

Category : Puzzle Games

Related Tags: gem-swap, gem-swapping, gem, gems, jewel, jewels, bejeweled, diamonds, precious stones, fire, earth, water, air, magic, taofewa, strategy, spells, hurricane, ace of fire, manga, chibi

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