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Rated : 4.71/5 (560 Votes)

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Game Name : Tower Up!

Game Desc :

Build your tower to the skies and make money with help of your citizens. There are 2 types of floors in the game: residential (where your citizens live) and commercial (where they work at). When a residential floor is built, you can lift up a new tenant there. Then you may employ him at a commercial floor where he'll be able to produce various goods. When production is over, just hit the Start Sales button to begin earning money!

Play Count : 31,336

Category : Adventure Games

Related Tags: sim, economic, pixel art, family, cool, building, build, house, city,

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  • PCGamerRus (28 November 2016 12:30) Report

    This grafick... (I bad know english. I Russian)

  • diamondbluebird (6 August 2013 17:02) Report

    Love this game

  • DebLawSon (19 July 2013 19:16) Report

    I cannot get the game to open up to full screen. Any suggestions?

  • kingvatsal20 (22 June 2013 13:43) Report

  • shallywagonnn (3 June 2013 17:37) Report

    just *** in a cup

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