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matyas is the champion of My Undead Neighbors
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Rated : 4.52/5 (1723 Votes)

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Game Name : My Undead Neighbors

Game Desc :

Help Mr. Clumsy to find the key in each level from a haunted house filled with zombies, traps and treasures. Move: arrows. Shot: spacebar. Mute sound: M. Pause: P.

Play Count : 198,132

Category : Adventure Games

Related Tags: fun, arcade, adventure,

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  • tjith (16 February 2014 06:04) Report

    superb game,thank you vary much

  • abhra123 (7 January 2014 08:00) Report

    totally awesome

  • iris521 (9 July 2013 19:42) Report

    hi i'm new add me please i need freinds

  • Directioner4Life12 (5 May 2013 20:11) Report

    add me i need friends!!!

  • Speedfiks (1 May 2013 04:57) Report


  • ztardream (8 March 2013 03:37) Report

    carefull on lvl 5 if yu go to the door b4 gettin the key yur stuck it saves yu by the exit door n w/o key yu cant open it
    n yu cant go back either yull have to get to lvl 6 without dyin for if yu die n choose continue yu end up by the exit door on lvl 5

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