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Jeremy_Turner is the champion of Boxing
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Rated : 4.14/5 (1112 Votes)

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Game Name : Boxing

Game Desc :

Think you arcade man enough to take it to the boxing ring?

Play Count : 52,421

Category : Sport Games

Related Tags: boxing, sports

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  • kidzrule0123 (4 August 2014 21:40) Report

    I don't even know the controls and I won the first round wow I am lucky I guess

  • kidzrule0123 (4 August 2014 21:37) Report

    this my first time playing this I hope I am good lol

  • YUMA (5 April 2014 01:15) Report


  • cbd980 (18 June 2013 22:49) Report

    how do u score points. did u hear the guy that is number one say " ha ha nobody can beat my score "

  • asharib (14 June 2013 09:28) Report

    i like it

  • fru22 (24 April 2013 23:05) Report

    I am really good at this game really good imade it to level 1 all you have to do is keep pressing the mouse repeatedly im telling you its going to work

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