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RainbowRhyme is the champion of Ghosts and Grenades
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Rated : 3.47/5 (703 Votes)

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Game Name : Ghosts and Grenades

Game Desc :

Blast ghosts using your arsenal of bazookas and grenades. Use your mouse too shoot, arrows to move, and the down keys to drop grenades. Drop grenades in pipes to blow them up and stop enemies from being spawned and Purchase new and stronger weapons.

Play Count : 55,200

Category : Shooting Games

Related Tags: shooting, fight, arcade, adventure,

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  • werderjunge2005 (19 November 2014 16:26) Report

    hä ich habe alle waffen und bin nicht fertig#ghosts and grenades

  • TumbleKraft (23 October 2012 09:56) Report

    This is a very addicting/fun game..........TK

  • supermariobros3 (4 October 2012 21:41) Report

    I like that game

  • lilmama7368 (4 October 2011 20:21) Report


  • Guest (16 August 2011 15:35) Report

    okay hayhahahahahahaha

  • RainbowRhyme (11 June 2011 19:28) Report

    A game like this is all about the gameplay, BUT because of the low res explosions everywhere, it's really hard to see what you're doing. Also there aren't enough weapons upgrades. Other than that it's an OK way to spend 10 minutes.

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