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RainbowRhyme is the champion of Quest in the dark
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Rated : 4.76/5 (79 Votes)

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Game Name : Quest in the dark

Game Desc :

Escape the haunted mansion! Solving mysteries and treasure hunting game. Save/Load support.

Play Count : 10,733

Category : Multiplayer

Related Tags: escape, solve, kids, girls, teens, cute, avatar, chat

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  • Adam Amir (16 December 2013 23:30) Report

    every thing o

  • natok16 (16 November 2013 16:10) Report

    I like multiplayer games

  • okti123 (16 November 2013 16:09) Report

    i dont

  • karla_arm (3 June 2013 21:06) Report

    hola soy directioner i love one direction

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